Food & Nutrition Security

Food security and nutrition are immediate and future priorities for all countries worldwide. Returning farmers to the centre of policy decisions is fundamental to achieving these goals.

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Since the food crisis erupted in 2008, a large number of global and regional food security initiatives have been launched or strengthened in response. While these developments are welcome, improving policy and implementation coherence is essential to ensure programmes have the desired impacts. As we move towards action on these food security policies, Farming First urges policymakers to:

  1. Promote a clear joint focus on a common goal for food security at the global level through policy and operational coherence.
  2. Encourage increased transparency on how much of pledged funding has been committed and to what types of programmes.
  3. Engage a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that efforts are coordinated, clear, collaborative and ultimately successful.

Governments, businesses, scientists and civil society groups must focus attention on the source of our food security. Productivity levels in most developing countries have to be raised exponentially while considering environmental sustainability.

Policies encouraging investment in developing countries’ agricultural sectors should be supported. Governments should invest in their agricultural sectors and devise long-term agricultural development strategies supporting the development of local agricultural markets and farmers’ ability to answer market demands. Women farmers should become specially targeted recipients because of their vital roles in the agricultural workforce, household food procurement and preparation, and family unit support.

Local production should also be stimulated by providing farmers with the technology, the knowledge and the adequate financial services they need.

Download the full Farming First statement on Food Security.