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Joshua Miller

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Joshua Miller is a doctoral student in the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He received his BS in Human Biology, Health & Society from Cornell University in 2017. Upon graduation, he moved to Chicago to work as a study coordinator at Northwestern University, contributing to the development of the first cross-culturally validated tool for measuring experiential water insecurity. In 2020, Josh joined UNC as a doctoral student to build on this work and explore how water insecurity interacts with food insecurity to impact diet and health. His primary mentors are Drs. Linda Adair and Amanda Thompson.

Josh uses a biocultural approach to understand how social and environmental factors influence health, development, and well-being throughout the life course. His current work focuses on how household water issues, including poor water quality, manifest on the Galapagos Islands and influence what individuals eat and drink.

His work is funded, in part, through the Royster Society of Fellows, Department of Nutrition’s NIH training grant (2-T32-DK007686), and an NIH predoctoral fellowship (1-F31-HD113400).

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