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Howarth Bouis

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Howarth Bouis, a 2016 World Food Prize laureate, introduced the idea of biofortification in the early 1990s and established HarvestPlus in 2003. He has dedicated his career to making this idea a worldwide movement, benefiting over 50 million people in low-income countries. Bouis advocates for biofortification and HarvestPlus in the international agriculture and nutrition communities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stanford University and a master’s and PhD from Stanford University’s Food Research Institute. Before pursuing his graduate studies, Bouis volunteered in the Philippines for three years. After obtaining his PhD, he joined IFPRI’s Food Consumption and Nutrition Division, where his research focused on the impact of economic factors on food demand and nutrition, especially in Asia. His findings inspired the concept of biofortification. Bouis serves as the Chair of the Micronutrient Forum’s Board of Trustees and received an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Greenwich in 2017. In 2018, he was named a Nutrition Champion by the African Leaders for Nutrition, an initiative by the African Development Bank and the African Union. Bouis currently resides in the Philippines.

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