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Video: Mark Lynas – The Human Face of the GM Debate

Mark Lynas Mark Lynas

In the latest episode of the new Farming First TV series, we speak to environmentalist and author Mark Lynas about the continuing debate surrounding genetically modified (GM) foods.

Drawing on the example of cassava in East Africa, Lynas notes that although scientists have developed a biotech, virus-resistant solution for the crop, farmers may not be able to access it. “It’s really very tragic because it’s holding back technology that has the potential to do a lot of good,” he comments.

“I like to put a human face on the beneficiaries,” Lynas told us. “Technology has transformed all of our lives, it is probably biggest driver of change. Why should it be any different in Africa? When you want change, because people are living in poor, subsistence situations, why should those be the ones who have the least access to technology?”

Watch our video for the full interview with Mark Lynas.

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