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Dhanush Dinesh

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Dhanush is the Founder and Chief Climate Catalyst of Clim-Eat, the ‘think and do tank’ for food and climate which he established in 2021 at COP26. Clim-Eat focuses on bridging science and policy on food and climate issues by synthesizing knowledge, convening stakeholders, providing strategic advice, and strategic policy engagement.

His previous work experience includes roles within the private sector, NGOs, and the UN and CGIAR systems, in China, India, Thailand, The Netherlands and the UK. He has worked on a range of issues including forestry, environmental policy, climate change adaptation, and advocacy, at the national, regional, and global levels.

Dhanush has an interdisciplinary academic background, combining an MBA, MSc in Carbon management, and a PhD in Environmental Governance. He is a member of the Advisory Boards of the EAT Foundation. ClieNFarms and the Global Food and Environment Institute at the University of Leeds.

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