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UN Food Systems Summit Publishes its Independent Dialogues Synthesis Report

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The UN Food Systems Summit Secretariat has published a synthesis report based on insights from more than 100 Independent Dialogues featuring 10,000 participants globally. 

Included in the review were the takeaways from the Farming First Independent Summit Dialogue which was hosted this past spring focusing on discussing the needs of farmers in future food systems. 

Released ahead of its Pre-Summit taking place from 26–28 July, the synthesis report found 10 common criteria for successful food systems transformation:

  1. Transform food systems to be equitable and sustainable
  2. Apply systems thinking
  3. Adapt solutions to diverse local contexts
  4. Shift perspectives and change mind sets
  5. Value diversity and engage inclusively
  6. Ensure equity
  7. Integrate what is already working into innovations
  8. Facilitate conflict resolutions and negotiate trade-offs
  9. Mobilize engaged and accountable actors collaboratively
  10. Be open and transparent 

The purpose of these themes is to provide guidance as countries set out to create pathways towards national food systems transformation. The Farming First Dialogue was specifically cited referring to the fact that “Different regions experience different realities, both in terms of the agroecological and also the socioeconomic conditions where they operate.”

Other key takeaways from the Farming First Independent Dialogue included the importance of engaging youth in agriculture, the need for access to technology, as well as the desire for guiding metrics. 

The Secretariat’s press release outlined that “Out of those [Dialogues] registered, sustainability is the most common theme, followed by youth issues, nutrition, and gender. Other areas receiving attention are the impact of climate change already being referenced under sustainability, the role of livestock, and the role of urban food systems.”

These Dialogues constitute a tangible opportunity to influence the future of our global agri-food systems. The Independent Dialogues are one of three main components of the Summit Dialogues, with the other two being Member State Dialogues and Global Dialogues.  

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