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Suresh Babu

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Dr. Suresh Babu is a Senior Research Fellow in the Development Strategies and Governance Unit and is the Head of IFPRI’s program on Learning and Capacity Strengthening. His research includes human and organizational strengthening of food policy systems, policy processes, and agricultural extension in developing countries. Over the past 23 years at IFPRI, Dr. Babu has been involved in institutional and human capacity strengthening for higher education and research in many countries in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, including, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa. He coordinated IFPRI’s Central Asia program South Asia Initiative and was also the program coordinator for the Agricultural Open Curriculum and Learning Initiative (AGROCURI), a consortium of 40 partners from CGIAR centers, universities in developing and developed countries, and international organizations.

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