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Katrin Glatzel: Why Partnership is Key to Boosting Smallholders’ Resilience to Climate Change

In this guest post, Dr. Katrin Glatzel, lead author of the latest Montpellier Panel briefing paper explains why partnerships involved in climate-smart agriculture will be critical for boosting the resilience of African smallholder farmers. “Set for Success: Climate-Proofing the Malabo Declaration” is available online now. 

Crops, grazing land, fisheries and livestock are already negatively affected by climatic changes and extremes. The recent El Niño, likely to be the strongest on record, has affected the food security of a vast number of people across the world. Among them, millions of smallholder farmers in developing countries, who own less than one hectare of land, live on less than US$1 per day and do not grow enough food to feed their families. Continue reading