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Harinder Makkar: Strategies to Transform the Livestock Sector

In this guest post, Professor Harinder Makkar, of the Animal Production and Health Division of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) blogs about the innovative feeding methods that can reduce the environmental “hoofprint” of the livestock sector. Professor Makkar will be presenting at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, in Abu Dhabi on 16-17th February 2016.

Global meat consumption and the high emissions of greenhouse gases from the livestock sector have been grabbing headlines. Livestock account for approximately 14.5% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (7.1 Gigatonnes of CO2-equivalent per year). The production, processing and transport of feed accounts for about 45% of this. Livestock production is also land and water intensive – it occupies 30% of the world’s ice-free surface and consumes 8% of global human water use, mainly for the irrigation of feed crops. Continue reading

João Igor: Young Agripreneurs, Your Time is Now!

In this guest post, João Igor, Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder of CoolFarm, gives advice to young entrepreneurs who want to get involved in agritech. CoolFarm will be presenting at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, in Abu Dhabi on 16-17th February 2016.

Nowadays, we can feel the fever as we head towards 2050, when 9 billion people will need to be fed with even less resources. We can also testify to the rapid increase in demand for local food – which in North America alone rose from $1 billion in 2005, to nearly $7 billion last year.

So, if you are concerned about sustainability, food, health, and you want to be part of a meaningful solution, why not start working in agritech? Continue reading

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture 2016

16 – 17th February 2016

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

120 pioneers in the agriculture industry will present the latest innovations to achieve food security at this annual conference. The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture exists to bring together public decision-makers, private sector champions and civil society leaders who develop and catalyze innovations for sustainable agriculture. Through cross-sector collaboration we can bring about a food-secure future. Read more >>