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Content/media partnerships: Over the years, Farming First has partnered with many others to create/promote content and/or as a media partner at events. This list of past partners includes: Chatham House, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the international Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), CGIAR, the Economist Intelligence Unit, the International Food Policy Research Institute, the International Agri-Food Network, the World Food Prize, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the Global Forum on Innovations in Agriculture, among others.

Sample media coverage: Farming First regularly supports interview requests from media to connect with experts across the agricultural sector and/or a given region. Many Farming First spokespeople have also provided video interviews, which are available online. Publications featuring commentary from Farming First supporters include:

Can China’s agricultural transformation offer lessons for Africa?

China’s food security rests in the hands of 200 million smallholder farmers. In this opinion article for the Financial Times, Farming First spokesperson Rakesh Kapur, Chairman of the International Fertilizer Association explores how better nutrient management has helped the country overcome its food and nutrition challenges, and how these lessons can be applied in Africa. Read more >>

Bridging the gender pay gap, on the red carpet and in the fields

By empowering women farmers we can secure food security for millions across the world. Sithembile Mwamakamba, Programme Manager at FANRPAN, and Farming First Steering Committee member writes about this topic for Al Jazeera, as part of Farming First’s “Fill the Gap” campaign. Read more >>


Investment in agriculture is at the heart of sustainable development success

Agriculture is a common thread running through the SDGs. As part of the “SDG2 Countdown” campaign, Farming First co-chair Yvonne Harz-Pitre explores how investing in agriculture can help us achieve the ambitious SDG agenda for Devex. Read more >> 


Andrea Leadsom is right – we need to get more young people into farming

Young people are the future of farming, but are not taking up agricultural careers. Farming First spokesperson Professor Sir Gordon Conway, writes for the Daily Telegraph about how we can encourage young people into farming, as part of the “I am Agriculture” campaign. Read more >> 



Don’t neglect farmers when it comes to finance

Not including farmers in financing for development plans will hold back more goals than just reducing hunger, writes Farming First spokesperson Sue Carlson, Chair of the Women’s Committee of the World Farmers’ OrganisationRead more >> 


Listen to the poorest to make the Sustainable Development Goals work

All too often farmers are sidelined in discussions about sustainable development. In this guest blog for the Huffington Post, Farming First supporter David Hong, Senior Policy Analyst  at One Acre Fund says that including farmers in decision-making processes is crucial in achieving the SDGs. Read more >>

Three practical steps to go from hunger to abundance in Africa

Rates of hunger and malnutrition in Sub-Saharan African remain stubbornly high, despite progress across the continent. Farming First spokesperson Dyborn Chinbonga, CEO at The National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi explores Africa’s agricultural potential in The Guardian. Read more >>



Ensuring food security: key resources

Addressing food security requires looking at multiple phenomena simultaneously — from hunger, livelihoods and nutrition to climate change, gender and market access. How and where can we access the best resources to help improve food security and tackle malnutrition? Farming First resources feature prominently in this round up by SciDev. Read more >> 



Agriculture orgs up pressure ahead of Durban climate talks

Farming First joins hands with a raft of influential agricultural bodies to urge international climate change policy negotiators to consider to acknowledge the significant role of the agriculture sector in addressing climate change. Read more >>