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Climate Change

  • The Story of Agriculture and Climate Change

    Agriculture is important to all countries as producers and consumers of food, and it is central to many countries’ economies, supporting the livelihoods of billions around the world.

    Farmers in both developing and developed countries will be affected by the impacts of climate change and we must support them to adapt, while meeting growing demand for food and helping tackle the causes of climate change.

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  • Farmers Taking Action on Climate Change

    Agriculture is responsible for around 13 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, second only to the energy sector. But agriculture also plays a vital role in feeding and nourishing the world, and the world’s farmers are already being impacted by climate change as well.

    What does this mean for farmers? Why should it matter to them? And how are they changing how they farm to minimise their climate impact and adapt to changing conditions?

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  • Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action

    More than a billion farmers and their families around the world are on the front line of climate change. Their lives and livelihoods are directly affected by its impacts, and they are also vital to implementing many of the solutions we need to help prevent it.

    “Climate-smart agriculture” describes agricultural practices which contribute to increasing farm productivity and incomes, building greater resilience and minimising agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions – all in an equitable and sustainable manner.

    Right now, farmers are putting climate-smart agriculture into action all around the world.

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