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Opinion: Environment, Market Access

Video: How Agro Industry Can Spur Africa’s Development

Damian Ihedioha Damian Ihedioha

Agro industry development should be at the forefront of any effort to develop Africa, according to Dr. Damian Ihedioha of the African Development Bank.

Speaking to Farming First TV, Dr. Ihedioha argued that building functioning markets will have a “pull” effect on production.

“The problem may not be production,” he comments. “The problem may be that we are not using enough of what we produce.”

Dr. Ihediou stressed to Farming First TV that exporting raw materials out of Africa was also exporting livelihoods, and called for support in building successful processing plants in Africa.

The African Development Bank is prioritising regional integration, so that goods and services can move more freely throughout Africa. The vision is for the continent to become its own economic bloc.

Dr. Ihediou also sees support of growing agro industry a solution to youth unemployment. “If you expect young people to use the same old tools

Watch the full interview and more at Farming First TV.

Photo credit: Agriculture for Impact

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