UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 1.8

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Videos: Message 8

Message 8: There are many existing solutions to some of the known challenges of climate change that can be scaled up. These include improved soil and water management practices, better climate information services, and greater access to agricultural resources among women. Our most important challenge, as farmers and as supporters, is not to invent new practices and approaches, but to share what already works as widely as possible to create global change for the better.

The links below are to videos of key influential spokespersons providing statements that could be used to support or endorse the key message 8 of this guide/toolkit.

IFDC – Increasing Productivity to Achieve Food Security – The Economist: Feeding the World

“It’s not going to be enough to just have food, we need to have nutritious food.”

The FAO’s view on Climate-Smart Agriculture with Hafez Ghanem

“Agriculture is one of the sectors most affected by climate change, if it is done wrong it will also lead to more carbon emissions. We believe climate smart agriculture is really essential for assuring food security for everybody.”

ZedX Inc. – Fieldprint Calculator: Helping Farmers Make Sustainable Choices – COP18, Doha

“You can have high productivity and at the same time be a responsible steward and be sustainable.”

IFA: Increasing Yields in Africa – AGRF2012

“We need to be mindful to make sure that we are looking at the right nutrient balance for crops – we have to get more sophisticated and have more in depth soil analysis.”

Steps Towards Sustainable Agriculture in Malawi with Dyborn Chibonga

“The biggest challenge right now is climate change.” “Farmer education is very important to help them to understand the variability in the seasons and the need to adopt technologies that can mitigate against climate change.”

Achieving a Safe Space for Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change with Sir John Beddington

“We’ve got to be thinking about some form of sustainable intensification for agriculture. We have to develop climate smart agriculture.”

Agri-ProFocus – Engaging with Stakeholders to Empower Farmers – The Economist 2013

“Access to financial services is one of the basic inputs for a good farm and a farming business.”

IFDC – Increasing Productivity to Achieve Food Security – The Economist: Feeding the World

“The biggest challenge that we have is how can we adapt to climate change – many of the initiatives are not getting to those who need it.”