UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 1.6

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Videos: Message 6

Message 6: “National policy processes, including through NAMAs and NAPAs, will work best if they combine food security, adaptation and mitigation rather than keeping the three aspects in separate tracks. Integration is needed across landscapes and food supply chains, in order to manage trade-offs effectively, particularly trade-offs between food production and mitigation goals.”

The links below are to videos of key influential spokespersons providing statements that could be used to support or endorse the key message 6 of this guide/toolkit.

CABI – Collaborative Solutions in Agriculture – The Economist 2013

“Getting our farming communities to adapt to climate change challenges is very important.”

“Getting the public sector and the private sector working together to address rural community issues is very important.”

Aligning agricultural research to meet food security and climate challenges – Bruce Campbell, CGIAR

“Climate change will change the face of agriculture. It is essential for alleviating poverty but on the other hand it is also emitting greenhouse gases – the emissions from agriculture and deforestation that agriculture causes is almost 25%.”

“We need to put adaptation and mitigation together – agriculture is one of the few sectors where this can happen.”

ZedX Inc. – Fieldprint Calculator: Helping Farmers Make Sustainable Choices – COP18, Doha

“You can have high productivity and at the same time be a responsible steward and be sustainable.”

World Farmers Organisation – Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Agriculture – COP18

“Climate change affects our production as farmers, farmers are going to learn two things – one to adapt and two to prevent greenhouse gas emissions.”

The World Bank’s work on climate change and agriculture – Dr. Andrew Steer

“Agriculture fits in the adaptation side of climate change but also increasingly on the mitigation side.”

Achieving a Safe Space for Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change with Sir John Beddington

“We’ve got to be thinking about some form of sustainable intensification for agriculture. We have to develop climate smart agriculture.”

How Governments Can Help Feed The World with Nina Fedoroff

“Governments need to make it easier for modern science to shape crops to be more nutritious.”

IFA: Increasing Yields in Africa – AGRF2012

“Increasing crop yield is great but if there’s not a place to sell it to this can be counter productive.”

Successes and Challenges in Brazilian Agriculture, with Dr. Luis Prochnow

“One of the things we really need to do is to improve logistics. In terms of transportation and storing the grain – the government needs to pay attention.”

Supporting Farmers with Agricultural Growth Corridors with Anne Grethe Dalane, Yara

“A lot of the farmers in the world don’t have access to market, infrastructure or important sources like seed and fertiliser.”