UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 1.3

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Videos: Message 3

Message 3: “A draft of the 2015 agreement, released in October, notes food security as a key objective of the agreement, and does not exclude agriculture or food systems from future discussion, finance, technology transfer or capacity building. This is positive and negotiators should ensure agriculture is not excluded as the negotiating text evolves. Specific efforts should also be made to ensure linkages to sectoral issues are made clear – for example between food security and agriculture.

The links below are to videos of key influential spokespersons providing statements that could be used to support or endorse the key message 3 of this guide/toolkit.

IFDC – Increasing Productivity to Achieve Food Security – The Economist: Feeding the World

“It’s not going to be enough to just have food, we need to have nutritious food.”

AGRA: Growing Africa’s Agriculture – AGRF2012

“We must start by building capacity for African scientists so that they can come back to their home countries and improve seed varieties and local varieties.”

Financing Sustainable Agriculture with Carel van der Hamsvoort

“the government needs to create an environment for companies to invest in.”

Re:Char – Empowering Smallholder Farmers with Sustainable Fertilizers – The Economist 2013

“I think we need to bring climate change into the overall debate.”