UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 1.2

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Videos: Message 2

Messsage 2: A 2015 agreement should acknowledge the importance of agriculture for food security and livelihoods and the role it can play to help meet global adaptation and mitigation goals. Agriculture should not be excluded from the commitments made by countries. 

The links below are to videos of key influential spokespersons providing statements that could be used to support or endorse the key message 2 of this guide/toolkit.

The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy

“Growth in agriculture has one of the highest potentials of mitigating carbon emissions compared to any other sector.”

CABI – Collaborative Solutions in Agriculture – The Economist 2013

“Getting our farming communities to adapt to climate change challenges is very important.”

Supporting Farmers with Agricultural Growth Corridors with Anne Grethe Dalane, Yara

“30% of greenhouse gases are from agriculture, 30% of jobs in the world are in agriculture, 50% of poor people work in agriculture proving the importance of agriculture in sustainable growth.”

The World Bank’s work on climate change and agriculture – Dr. Andrew Steer

“Agriculture fits in the adaptation side of climate change but also increasingly on the mitigation side.”

Pro-Poor Investment in Agriculture with Kanyo F. Nwanze

“The smallholders’ is a private sector you want to link up with the domestic private sector then link this to the international level – it needs to be market orientated, they need to make money.”