UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 2

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Videos: regional

The links below are to videos of key influential spokespersons providing statements that could be used to support or endorse the regional messages of this guide/toolkit.

Views on Smallholder Farming in Mozambique with Teresa Sumbane

“Before the older generations understood the weather perfectly. They knew in which month you should plough the land, but now you cannot rely on the seasons. You can expect it to rain one month, wait to plough the land and then the rain never comes.”

Steps Towards Sustainable Agriculture in Malawi with Dyborn Chibonga

“The biggest challenge right now is climate change.” “Farmer education is very important to help them to understand the variability in the seasons and the need to adopt technologies that can mitigate against climate change.”

Innovating for Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfNkN7O6cH4“We need to move Brazilian agriculture towards sustainability.”

Putting a Price on Land Degradation with Ephraim Nkonya

“Niger loses around 10% GDP because of land degradation from problems such as over grazing.”
“Laws changed to give farmers ownership of trees – this gave them an incentive to protect them.”

Agri-ProFocus – Engaging with Stakeholders to Empower Farmers – The Economist 2013

“There is a coalition of Ugandan stakeholders and the government has even created a committee to make sure this happens.”

Successes and Challenges in Brazilian Agriculture, with Dr. Luis Prochnow

“One of the things we really need to do is to improve logistics. In terms of transportation and storing the grain – the government needs to pay attention.”