UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 4.7

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Press Quotes: Message 7

Message 7: Financing for both mitigation and adaptation must be part of climate change policies. Recent developments are positive: improvements in the Global Environment Facility’s strategy and an increase in financing stemming from ‘fast start’ finance are helping increase funding towards climate-smart agriculture. But more needs to be done. It is essential that the new Green Climate Fund (GCF) provides stable, long-term support to adaptation and mitigation in agriculture, with specific efforts targeted at women farmers and youth in agriculture.

Quotes from news articles, or editorials and opinion pieces written by influencers (academics, politicians, journalists, leaders), about the climate change/agriculture interface for message 7.

“We should be encouraging and rewarding countries such as Morocco, Niger and Ethiopia, as well as the donor agencies funding these initiatives and the many farmers moving forward by themselves with agricultural adaptation and mitigation.”

Bruce Campbell, Director, CGIAR (Source)

“The G8 has taken decisive steps to increase investments in agriculture and nutrition in order to strengthen global food security and lift millions from poverty. Through the New Alliance, our partner countries in Africa are working to create an environment that encourages real investment opportunities in agriculture.”

Rajiv Shah, USAID Administrator (Source)