UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 4.3

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Press Quotes: Message 3

Message 3: A draft of the 2015 agreement, released in October, notes food security as a key objective of the agreement, and does not exclude agriculture or food systems from future discussion, finance, technology transfer or capacity building. This is positive and negotiators should ensure agriculture is not excluded as the negotiating text evolves. Specific efforts should also be made to ensure linkages to sectoral issues are made clear – for example between food security and agriculture.

Quotes from news articles, or editorials and opinion pieces written by influencers (academics, politicians, journalists, leaders), about the climate change/agriculture interface for message 3.

“Agriculture can be part of the solution. For example, conservation agriculture can increase yields, reverse environmental degradation and emissions growth, build resilience and reduce poverty. Farming has too often been pursued as an extractive rather than renewable process – this is simply not sustainable.”

Kanayo F. Nwanze, IFAD President (Source)

“Concepts such as ‘climate-smart agriculture’ hold tremendous potential and it is within a SBSTA work program where individual countries and citizens will have the opportunity to decide the appropriate development path of their agriculture sector.”

Robert Carlson, President, World Farmers Organisation (Source)