UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 4.2

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Press Quotes: Message 2

Message 2: A 2015 agreement should acknowledge the importance of agriculture for food security and livelihoods and the role it can play to help meet global adaptation and mitigation goals. Agriculture should not be excluded from the commitments made by countries. 

Quotes from news articles, or editorials and opinion pieces written by influencers (academics, politicians, journalists, leaders), about the climate change/agriculture interface for message 2.

“The international community faces great challenges in the coming decades including reining in global climate change. Agriculture provides the main source of livelihood for the poor in developing countries, and improving agricultural productivity is critical to achieving food security.”

Mark Rosegrant, Director of the Environment and Production Technology Division at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (Source)

“While agriculture is most vulnerable to climate change, it is also a major cause, directly accounting for about 14% of greenhouse gas emissions. Farmers are among the most affected by climate change, but can also play a crucial part in addressing it.”

World Bank (Source)

“Improvements in agriculture can make an enormous difference, across Africa most people are employed in agriculture and we know that compared to any other sector growth in agriculture is far more effective in reducing poverty, particularly among women.”

Barack Obama, President of the USA (Source)