UNFCCC Toolkit: Third Party Corroboration 3.6

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Farmers' Quotes: Message 6

Message 6: “National policy processes, including through NAMAs and NAPAs, will work best if they combine food security, adaptation and mitigation rather than keeping the three aspects in separate tracks. Integration is needed across landscapes and food supply chains, in order to manage trade-offs effectively, particularly trade-offs between food production and mitigation goals.”

This section includes farmers’ quotes in support of key message 6. The quotes will be in text, sound or video format.

“It’s been estimated that 70% of the mitigation potential is in developing countries and that’s where yields need to grow too, so we really need to focus intensely on improving yields and improving practices in developing countries.”

Robert Carlson, President of the World Farmers Organisation

“All countries need to do what they can – all farmers, governments and related stakeholders – if we are going to sustain a global food supply, nourish our natural resources to be able to continue producing food, whilst also supporting economies and communities around the world. Any global response to climate change must place agriculture at the centre as a significant part of the solution.”

Ron Bonnett, President, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, and Member of the Board of the World Farmers Organisation