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This ready to download Powerpoint will help you present this guide to various audience, and demonstrate the various situations this guide can be used in.

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Social media requires brevity and the ability to develop succinct but effective messages. The following are examples of how the key messages of this guide could be re-written for Twitter format, under 140 characters:

Promotional Tweets

NEW 4 #Paris2015: #UNFCCC toolkit with latest facts & key messages on ag & #climatechange @farmingfirst @cgiarclimate

[email protected] @cta @cgiar_climate UNFCCC toolkit updated to help YOU communicate importance of #ag in #climatechange

Key message Tweets – General

Farmers are experiencing impacts of #climatechange NOW & need policy makers, NGOs, govts. & biz to take action

#Paris2015 agreement should recognise ag’s role in #foodsecurity, livelihoods & global adaptation & mitigation goals

#Paris2015 agreement should deploy finance, inputs & training to help farmers adapt & mitigate #climatechange

Countries prioritise #ag in Intended Nationally Determined #climate commitments, funding needed! 

National policy processes should combine food security, adaptation & mitigation in 1 approach for best results #COP21

Trade-offs between food production & mitigation goals must be carefully [email protected] Read more

Financing for mitigation AND adaptation must be part of #Paris2015 agreement @ctaflash

New Green Climate Fund (GCF) must provide stable, long-term support to adaptation & mitigation in #ag @farmingfirst

Our most important challenge is not to invent new practices & approaches, but to share what already works #COP21

Key Message Tweets – SBSTA Meeting

On early warning systems and risk management: 

SBSTA & ADP negotiations must feed into each other to be effective @cgiarclimate @farmingfirst #COP21 Read more

Extreme weather undermines development progress, constrains economic growth & threatens food production #COP21

Systematic risk management plays critical role in assuring future #ag production & access to food and water @ctaflash

Climate action needs access to high-quality scientific info – urgent need to build capacity worldwide @farmingfirst

Investments in climate-related information tailored to farmers are critical for risk-management plans @cgiarclimate

Supporting and investing in infrastructure and systems to share information is crucial @ctaflash #COP21

Building early warning and risk management systems at national & regional levels is key #COP21Read more

On assessment of risks and vulnerabilities:

Improving localised knowledge of where risks are in each region is essential for #ag to adapt to #climatechange

Assessments must take into account geographic, ecological & socio-economic characteristics of landscapes #COP21

Risk assessments must extend beyond production & consider biodiversity, ecosystems, nutrition & food security #COP21

Sample Facebook / LinkedIn Posts

Sample Facebook/LinkedIn posts

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