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Ban Ki-Moon at Global Food Summit


During the World Food Summit in Rome in November, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon spoke of the importance of agriculture to global food security.

As reported by the UN in a press release following the summit:

Mr. Ban laid out a full, comprehensive spectrum of measures to combat a scourge gravely exacerbated by climate change and population growth that will see two billion more mouths to feed in 2050 – 9.1 billion in all – with an overall need to grow 70 per cent more food.  The steps range from immediate needs such as food aid, safety nets and social protection to the longer-term goals achieved through increased investments in agricultural development, including provision of seeds, water supplies and land to ensure higher productivity, better market access, and fairer trade, above all for smallholder farmers, especially women.

Mr. Ban suggests that the food crisis experienced in 2008 should be considered a “wake-up call” for how the world deals with future food security.