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World Federation of Engineering Organizations Endorses ‘Farming First’

Picture 1Farming First welcomes the endorsement of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO).

According to its website, the WFEO:

is committed to the advancement of the world engineering profession for the benefit of mankind. It particularly works to assist development of the engineering profession, and in the sharing, exchange and transfer of technology from one country to another….

The organization has noted a particular need for sharing knowledge more broadly:

…in this era of globalization, engineering is becoming even more global, and global engineering practice will become more important. There are increased needs to harmonize global standards…. As population and economic growth place increasing pressures on our social and biophysical environment, engineers must accept increased responsibilities to develop sustainable solutions to meet community needs, overcome extreme poverty and prevent segregation of people.

They have also noted the need to help build infrastructure in the developing world:

There are special needs of the developing countries. The developed world can assist in the training of local engineers, in the generation of work opportunities for them in their own countries, and in the sharing of appropriate technologies. The developed world also needs new, efficient and cleaner technologies that do not adversely affect the environment and will help to cut down on their excessive consumption of the resources of the world.