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Tweaks and Disruptions: Ten innovations that could revolutionise food systems

Dr Philip Thornton, Research and Innovation Strategist and Leanne Zeppenfeldt, Knowledge & Partnerships Officer at Clim-Eat highlight innovations in food and agriculture that can improve sustainability while supporting health and livelihoods. 

As the global population continues to grow, the world is facing increasingly complex challenges in ensuring that everyone has access to healthy, nutritious and sustainable food. Finding innovative solutions to these challenges is critical.   Continue reading

How an Urban Agriculture Project in Ethiopia is Improving Lives and Regreening Communities

Image of Teshome Nega

Teshome Nega, Urban Agriculture Project Coordinator at Farm Africa, shares insights on how urban agriculture can help improve local food security and nutrition as well as livelihoods.

Urban low-income communities face immense challenges in accessing nutritious food. One of Africa’s biggest cities and Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, shares this struggle. A fifth of its five million residents live in poverty and now face high inflation and cost of living rates that make access to healthy food a daily challenge.   Continue reading