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UNEA4: Side Event Explores Role of Innovation in Achieving Sustainable Food Supply Chains

On Tuesday, March 12th, Farming First hosted a side event at the Fourth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA4) in Nairobi, Kenya. The side event focused on the role that agricultural innovation can play in delivering more sustainable food systems.

Moderated by Farming First’s co-Chair Robert Hunter, the panel opened with a live poll of the audience in attendance on what they considered most press challenge facing the food system today, with “the impacts of climate change” receiving almost half the total votes. Continue reading

Achieving Sustainable Food Systems Through Innovation

Held as part of the Fourth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly, this side event will showcase the ways in which agricultural innovations can contribute to a more sustainable food system, delivering improved environmental stewardship, higher productivity and less food loss and waste.

The moderated Q&A will focus on three core questions:

  1. Which innovations are making our food system more environmentally sound?
  2. Which types of policies can help make food production and consumption patterns more sustainable?
  3. What are the big ideas that will help the agriculture sector “Solve Different”?


Robert Hunter, Co-Chair, Farming First


  • Amy Azania, Senior Policy Officer, One Acre Fund
  • Amanda Namayi, East Africa Regional Co-ordinator, Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network Luciano Loman, Nuffield Scholar and Executive Director, Metos Brasil
  • Brian Lindsay, Sector Lead for Sustainability, Dairy Sustainability Framework
  • Ross Smith, Senior Regional Programme Advisor, WFP Regional Bureau for East & Central Africa