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Let’s Thrive: ONE Campaign calls on G8 to Invest in Agriculture

In four weeks’ time, world leaders from eight of the world’s wealthiest countries will meet at Camp David for the annual G8 summit. This Tuesday, the anti-poverty group ONE launched a new campaign to ensure that the boosting agricultural investments in poor countries features high on the agenda.

The four-year campaign entitled ‘Thrive’ calls on world leaders to take urgent action to break the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty in 30 of the world’s poorest countries. The campaign has a brand new webpage, which features a public petition, urging G8 leaders to agree to and implement a bold plan to irradiate poverty and malnutrition through agriculture. Each time the petition is signed, an animation plants a seed into the heads of the G8 leaders, visually reinforcing the campaign message.

The launch of the ‘Thrive’ campaign coincides with a new report from ONE called “Food. Farming. Future: Breaking the Cycle of Malnutrition and Poverty”. The report shows that a commitment from world leaders could lift 50 million people out of poverty and save 15 million children from starvation. Once visitors have signed the petition, they are taken to a platform that tells stories that are “Living Proof” of the progress being achieved by some of the world’s poorest people. The video below shows how supplementing bread with iron and folic acid in Egypt is helping to combat birth defects and miscarriages.

Ben Leo, global policy director at ONE commented: “ONE’s new analysis shows that sustained investment in small-scale farming, together with a focus on ensuring children have enough nourishing food to eat, will have a huge impact on tens of millions of people around the world living in extreme poverty.”

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