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Technology and Talent Are Key to China’s Agricultural Modernisation Drive

Fulco Wijdooge, General Manager China at Ridder Group, investigates the potential of technology and talent to intensify agricultural production in China.

China is the world’s top producer of cereals, fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs and fishery products. It has achieved the remarkable feat of producing one quarter of the world’s grain, feeding one fifth of the global population, and all with less than 10 per cent of the world’s arable land.

However, China also faces several challenges – chief among them is how to increase food production to meet rising demand while protecting its farmland from degradation, water scarcity, pollution and urbanisation. Continue reading

Building Sustainable and Resilient Agri-Food Systems Tops Agenda at AGRF Summit

Actions to create resilient and sustainable food systems in Africa to increase food security and incomes, underpinned discussions at this year’s Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRF) Summit.

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Seed Giants Must Collaborate or Be Dwarfed By Threat of Climate Change

Matthew Reynolds, Jeffrey L. Rosichan and Leon Broers write that failure to collaborate will ultimately result in unsustainable food systems, which not only renders seed companies obsolete but threatens a prerequisite of civilization: food security.
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vast inequalities when it comes to food security. But there is an even larger and more concerning crisis waiting for us: global food shortages caused by climate change.

Nobody knows when or how hard it will hit, but we inch closer each year with new temperature records, the spread of pests, and emerging crop diseases. We are already seeing the beginning of this future crisis. Continue reading

How Peer-to-Peer Learning Helps Farmers Adopt New Technologies

Laura Elphick, Communications and Engagement Officer at EIT Food Continue reading

The Role of Engineering in Ending World Hunger

Fethi Thabet, Telecommunications Engineer, City Councillor for Ariana, Tunisia, Continue reading