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COVID-19 and its Impacts on Global Food Security: A Chicago Council Online Discussion

With its Global Food Security Symposium postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Chicago Council held an online discussion about the global food security challenges posed by the pandemic, hosted by The Washington Post’s ‘Business of Food’ reporter, Laura Reily. Continue reading

#FillTheGap! Joining up women for a common goal in Bangladesh

This is the first post of Farming First’s #FillTheGap campaign to highlight the gender gap facing rural women working in agriculture.

With only 60 per cent of Bangladeshi women economically active, it can be difficult for those who want to grow a business to engage others. One of the major challenges that rural women often face is a lack of access to social networks, which hinders entrepreneurialism.

When Jahanara Begum, 45, started out as a Farm Business Advisor (FBA), she faced negative comments and scepticism from her family and community in Hizla Upazila, in the Barisal district.

But as her networks began to grow and bring together local market systems, she proved her doubters wrong.

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How can we build a more sustainable supply chain?

In Part 5 of our “Agriculture and the Green Economy” infographic, we look at how problems in supply chains directly affect food security in the world. Click on the image below to go to the full infographic where you can also embed this image or tweet it.

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