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Robynne Anderson: Agriculture at Top of Global Agenda

Robynne Anderson of Farming First’s newest supporter organisation, the International Agri-Food Network was published on The Huffington Post this week, with the news that sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition have made it as the second priority for the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


“At last, the world is remembering where our food comes from” Anderson commented.

The piece also highlighted the fact that Farming First’s six principles, presaged many elements of what appears to be growing consensus around likely goals, namely:

  • ending hunger and achieve food security
  • eliminating malnutrition, referencing children under 5 and maternal specifically
  • increasing agricultural productivity and enabling rural entrepreneurs, including women
  • increasing trade on a fair basis
  • improving sustainable fisheries
  • reducing post harvest and food waste

To read the full article visit Robynne Anderson’s blog on The Huffington Post.