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UK Public Poll Predicts Increased Importance for Farming

A recent poll conducted by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) ad published by Farmers Weekly magazine shows that 84% of people across England and Wales think that farming will become more important in the coming years.

Seven out of 10 people also look favourably on farmers, and 96% said that it was more important for UK farmers to grow crops than to maintain food paths.

Perhaps, this survey is an indication that food security issues are being prioritised by the UK public and that farmers and farming play important roles in supporting the greater economy.

Climate Expert Poll Warns of Major Risk to the World’s Breadbaskets

The Guardian newspaper has released the results of a poll asking climate specialists at a scientific conference in Copenhagen in March to predict climate changes throughout the 21st century.

Only 18 of the 182 experts thought that the climate would rise by less than 2C this century while the remaining 164 respondents forecasted higher changes and more serious repercussions.

Almost half (84 of 182) predicted a 3C-4C change this century, where:

global food production [would be] threatened as breadbaskets in Europe, Asia, and the US suffer drought, and heatwaves outstrip the tolerance of crops.

The poll suggests that continued attention needs to be paid on how to safeguard the world’s natural resources and how to create more innovative solutions for our food supply.