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Biofortification Pioneers Win World Food Prize 2016

Drs. Maria Andrade, Robert Mwanga, Jan Low and Howarth Bouis have been announced as the 2016 winners of the World Food Prize, the most prominent global award for individuals whose breakthrough achievements alleviate hunger and promote global food security. The $250,000 prize rewards their work in countering world hunger and malnutrition through biofortification, the process of breeding critical vitamins and micronutrients into staple crops. Continue reading

Louis Malassis Prize Shortlist: The Story Behind the Science of Dr. Jan Low

Farming First is pleased to act as media partner for the Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize and the inaugural Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security. Our new blog series will showcase stories from scientists nominated for these prestigious prizes.

The ninth blog in this series outlines the work of Dr Jan W. Low, nominated for the Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize for Distinguished Scientist. Continue reading