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James Mwololo: Livestock is a Key to Human Development – Where Have We Missed the Mark?

James Mwololo, Head of Agriculture at Farm Africa examines why the livestock sector is still under-resourced and under-funded int he developing world. This guest blog post was originally featured in the March edition of the World Farmer Organisation’s [email protected]

Livestock performs multiple valuable functions for farmers, especially in developing countries, yet it requires more funding and resources to be directed toward it for its full potential to be realised.

Livestock makes a major contribution to food security and nutrition. Animals are an important source of high quality, readily absorbable protein and of minerals, vitamins and micronutrients deficient in cereals.

The consumption of livestock products is closely related to income. As incomes rise, people typically increase their consumption of meat, milk and eggs. In addition to rising incomes, high population growth in developing countries is fuelling the demand for animal food products. Increasing urbanisation also affects this as people living in towns are adopting new eating habits and consuming more animal protein. Continue reading