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Video: Putting Soil Health Back on the Global Agenda

Farming First TV interviewed Charlotte Hebebrand, the Director General of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), on why it is so important to shine a spotlight on the importance of soil health.

Ms. Hebebrand observed that although soils are crucial for agriculture, they are often taken for granted and have historically suffered from overuse. To replace the nutrients used up by crop growth farmers need training in right type, timing, placement and rate of fertilizer application, known as the 4Rs of nutrient stewardshipContinue reading

Video: Nutrition for People, Nutrition for Plants with Esin Mete, IFA

“Fertilizers can contribute a lot to human health”, Esin Mete, President of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), tells Farming First. Drawing attention the role of correct fertilizer use in improving nutrition is one of Mete’s priorities as IFA president.

Naturally, it all starts with the plants, as Mete explains: “When we are planting the seeds we have to make sure all the nutrients and micronutrients are available to the plant. So what we are doing, in fact, by fertilization is feeding the plant instead of the humans.” Continue reading

Rice Nutrition Management Pioneer Dr. Xuhua Zhong Wins IFA Norman Borlaug Award

The International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) has awarded crop physiologist Dr. Xuhua Zhong this year’s IFA Norman Borlaug Award for his achievements in rice nutrition management in China.

Dr. Zhong, head of the Crop Physiology and Ecology Laboratory at the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, developed the ‘three controls’ technology. The process incorporates control of nitrogen (N) input, control of unproductive tillers and control of pest and diseases. It is now one of the most widely adopted rice-growing technologies in China and officially recommended to farmers by the Ministry of Agriculture.

IFA explained the impact of Dr. Zhong’s work: “With the ‘three controls’ technology, nitrogen recovery efficiency increased from less than 30 percent for farmer’s practice to 40 percent. Farmers can now save on inputs such as fertilizer-N and pesticide sprays and still achieve a 10 percent increase in grain yield, giving extra income to farmers.”

IFA presents the Norman Borlaug Award annually on the birth date of the Father of the Green Revolution. Each year, it recognises research that has led to significant advances in crop nutrition.

The announcement this year comes as influential figures in the fight against global hunger gather in Mexico to celebrate  Dr. Norman Borlaug’s 100th birthday.