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Farming First’s Ajay Shriram to Speak at UN Preparatory Session for MDG Summit

Picture 2Ajay Shriram, the President of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) will be speaking next week at the Interactive Hearings on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), on behalf of Farming First.

On 14th and 15th June, the UN General Assembly will gather in New York with representatives of international NGOs, civil society organisations and the private sector to provide input for the MDG Summit in New York on 20-22 September 2010.

Ajay Shriram has been selected to speak in the third thematic session ‘Sustaining development and withstanding crises’, taking place at 10am (EST) on June 15, which will look at how food security and other emerging challenges, such as water scarcity and biodiversity loss, can be addressed in the light of ongoing economic, financial, food and climate crises.

In his speech, Ajay Shriram will be concentrating on how agriculture in India, once highly productive during the green revolution but neglected over the past decade, can be transformed by keeping farmers’ requirements in focus.  He shall promote the solution of  ‘last mile delivery’, meaning delivering the latest and improved location-specific farm technology to farmers for improving crop productivity.  His speech shall also address the recommendations he made recently in an article published last month in The Economic Times.

  1. Putting the crop / farmer in focus.Picture 3
  2. Training and certifying professional crop advisors
  3. Increasing extension reach by roping in agri input dealers
  4. Creation of a common knowledge pool
  5. Leveraging ICT infrastructure by efficient knowledge dissemination
  6. Organising farmers into groups
  7. Establishing farmer-corporate partnerships
  8. Adopting a concentrated , focused local approach.

Ajay Shriram’s article concludes;

The need to focus on agriculture and rapidly increase productivity stems from the requirement of ensuring food security and an all-inclusive growth for the country. Putting all the above on the ground, though feasible, is still a challenging task for the country. To achieve the coveted objectives, any delivery system has to ensure that the knowledge is latest, need based, location specific and made available timely in a manner which is simple & easily understandable by even the poorly educated farmer. No single agency would be able to do full justice. Collaboration between multiple stakeholders is probably the only way in which last mile delivery systems can be spruced up leading to a transformation in agriculture.

The hearings will be available to watch live on the UN’s webcast.