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Building Global Food Security through Data Coordination

Image of Benjamin Kwasi Addom

Benjamin Kwasi Addom, Adviser on Agriculture & Fisheries Trade Policy for the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda unpacks the potential for agricultural data to drive change in the sector.

Data is the bedrock of digital agricultural innovations. With the saying that “data is the new oil”, agricultural data can also be considered a resource to advance sustainability, productivity and other aims. Above all, resources require infrastructure to utilise their full potential. Continue reading

Tweaks and Disruptions: Ten innovations that could revolutionise food systems

Dr Philip Thornton, Research and Innovation Strategist and Leanne Zeppenfeldt, Knowledge & Partnerships Officer at Clim-Eat highlight innovations in food and agriculture that can improve sustainability while supporting health and livelihoods. 

As the global population continues to grow, the world is facing increasingly complex challenges in ensuring that everyone has access to healthy, nutritious and sustainable food. Finding innovative solutions to these challenges is critical.   Continue reading

Enabling Ecosystem Partnerships to Accelerate Sustainable Agriculture and Reach the SDGs

Natasha Santos, Vice President, Head of Global Stakeholders Affairs and Strategic Partnerships at Bayer Crop Science, outlines how smallholders can be better equipped to help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

When they were released in 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were rightly celebrated as an ambitious blueprint for sustainable development. But could the creators of the SDGs have anticipated the seismic shocks to our planet – and food systems – in the years that followed? Continue reading

Moving Small-scale Farmers Up the Ladder of Protection and Possibility

Professor Michael R. Carter, founding director of the Resilience+ Innovation Facility, outlines how the Resilience+ framework can help smallholder farmers flourish through better risk management.

Life is constantly changing, and this is especially true for small-scale farmers. Ideally, a farming family’s livelihood will improve over time: they might grow a little more food to be able to sell locally, and then set aside whatever they can to protect themselves in the inevitable next disaster. Continue reading

Mighty Tools for Mighty Farmers: Investing in Climate-Smart Agriculture Innovations for Smallholder Farmers

Dr. Jim Barnhart, Assistant to the Administrator, Bureau for Resilience and Food Security, U.S. Agency for International Development.

The climate crisis is a food security crisis. Drought has killed cattle in Kenya and destroyed maize in southern Zambia. Extreme heat has damaged the wheat crop in Bangladesh and droughts and flooding following extreme storm events in 2020 damaged nearly a half million acres of staple food and cash crops across Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, with resulting losses to farmer incomes. Continue reading

How Peer-to-Peer Learning Helps Farmers Adopt New Technologies

Laura Elphick, Communications and Engagement Officer at EIT Food Continue reading