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GACSA Annual Forum 2017

12th – 14th December, 2017

Rome, Italy

From 12-14 December the GACSA Annual Forum will take place in Rome at FAO Headquarters, sharing experiences and setting out strategic goals for the future to make Climate-Smart Agriculture  (CSA) a reality.


The Annual Forum will focus on promoting and showcasing CSA with a view to revitalizing efforts to scale up the implementation of CSA in various ecosystems and regions of the world, taking into account lessons learned. Particular attention will be given to results achieved by GACSA through its Action Groups and its members as well as through increased regional engagement.

The three-day event will explore the following themes:

  1. CSA in action across scales: local, regional to global
  2. Looking ahead: what is next for CSA?
  3. Deliverables for GACSA


GACSA Forum: Making Agriculture “Climate-Smarter”

Last week, Farming First attended the Annual Forum of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA) in order to launch our latest animated video and series of case studies on climate-smart agriculture (CSA).

Our video was featured as part of the opening session of the conference, which was held at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome. Continue reading

GACSA Annual Forum on Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action

14th – 17th June 2016

Rome, Italy

The 2nd Annual Forum is devoted to showcasing climate-smart agriculture in action and will provide an open platform for dialogue, sharing experiences and agreeing on the way forward. These exchanges will bring out the lessons learned and enable identifying good CSA practices that can be scaled up; as well as gaps to be addressed through focused actions.

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