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Video: The Value Chain Approach to Boosting Rural Economies

In the latest episode of Farming First TV, we talk to Dr. Richard Pluke, Senior Agricultural Advisor at Fintrac, about the organisation’s “value chain approach”.

“People complain about problems with markets,” Dr. Pluke comments. “The truth is, the markets are out there, you just need to produce for them and become a dependable supplier.” If smallholders are able to plug into markets and become successful, he argues, the entire rural economy can be boosted as a result.

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Video: Feeding India with Finite Resources

“You can’t cook a cuisine with just one ingredient,” Indian farmer Balwinder Singh Kang tells Farming First TV. Farming, he explains is the same. “I don’t say you can only use one technology, I say use the best of everything.”

Mr. Kang has been farming for the past 30 years on a small farm at Hanumangarh in the state of Rajasthan. He grows GM cotton as well as conventional varieties of wheat, mustard, beans, and some vegetables. Not all technologies, however, are reaching him and his fellow farmers. Continue reading

Video: In Conversation with Howard G. Buffett

“We’ve neglected a lot of agriculture in a lot of parts of the world”, Howard G. Buffett told Farming First TV, at the 2015 Borlaug Dialogue in Iowa. Rural farmers, he believes, can be the solution to food security. Using the example of the United States, and how it invested heavily in its rural areas to become the powerful economy it is today, Mr. Buffett pointed out that the barriers to successful development in many regions lie in poor rural infrastructure. Continue reading

Video: Kickstarting the Next Green Revolution

Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, President of the World Food Prize Foundation describes the Green Revolution of the 1960s as “the single greatest period of hunger reduction and food production in human history” But as Dr. Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution himself said, we have to do it again, faced with a new set of challenges.

The World Food Prize of $250,000 awarded to an outstanding actor in food security each year, and the annual Borlaug Dialogue conference, that brings together business leaders, government ministers and scientists, are both steps that the Foundation is taking to kickstart the next Green Revolution. Continue reading

Ten Must-See Farming First Videos of 2014

This year, we have gone behind the scenes at food and agriculture conferences throughout the year to bring you exclusive expert interviews that dig deeper into the issues facing global food security and development. Here are our top picks of 2014:

1. Rose Akaki speaks out for female farmers

Rose Akaki, a farmer from Uganda, spoke to a captive audience at The Economist Feeding the World Summit in London in February, about the challenges women face, particularly in terms of land security.

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The Economist “Feeding the World” Conference

The Economist “Feeding the World” conference took place on 8th February in Geneva, for which Farming First was a media partner. Farming First video highlights of interviews with speakers and a summary article of the conference are available on The Economist Conferences website. Full length interviews with speakers will soon be available on Farming First TV.