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Video: Mark Lynas – The Human Face of the GM Debate

Farming First

: In the latest episode of the new Farming First TV series, we speak to environmentalist and author Mark Lynas about the continuing debate surrounding genetically modified (GM) foods. Drawing on the example of cassava in East Africa, Lynas notes that although scientists have developed a biotech, virus-resistant solution for the crop, farmers may not be […]

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Case Study: Market Access

Supporting Smallholder Cassava Farmers in Nigeria

Farming First

Africa & Middle East: As part of GCARD 2010, Farming First hosted a session entitled ‘Better Benefiting the Poor through Public-Private Partnerships for Innovation and Action.’ Within the discussions, our panel of experts addressed several case studies that present different ways that partnerships have helped to empower smallholder farmers around the world. Scott Mall – International Fertilizer Development Center […]

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