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International Conference on Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Aquaculture & Fisheries 2016

28th-29th December 2016

Colombo, Sri Lanka

The second International Conference on Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Aquaculture and Fisheries will hear the latest research findings, trends and innovations along with knowledge-building practices in the international agriculture and fisheries community in the most prosperous city in South Asia. Read more >>

#IamAg! Meet Rossmery, Animal Scientist from Peru

This is the seventh post in our new series “I am Agriculture”, that showcases the many careers available to young people in agriculture. Today’s post comes from Rossmery Daza La Plata, who is a Production Manager at South East Pacific Farm SAC.

When I was younger, I dreamed of studying something related to nature. I got this passion from my grandparents, who were involved in livestock keeping in the north of Peru. We lived in the capital, but I would always look forward to the holidays, when I could go to their farm to help them. When we were very small, my father taught my siblings and I how to manage the cattle, to milk the cows, ride horses and cultivate the land. He had learnt all this from his own father. We eventually left the city, and my father took on the farm, and now I’m learning how to as well.
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