Video: Building Resilience to Natural Disasters in Indonesia

Farming First TV interviewed Dr. Suprayoga Hadi, the Indonesian Deputy Minister for the Development of Special Regions, on the challenges that Indonesia faces with its traditional recovering process from natural disasters.

Dr. Hadi commented that livelihood recovery (including agriculture and livestock) is the third priority for recovery when disaster strikes, with housing and public infrastructure coming first and second. He emphasized, however, that livelihood recovery is actually the most crucial.

Dr. Hadi also explained a key aspect of Indonesia’s long term development plan places importance on fisheries – developing a so-called “blue economy”. He argues that despite many challenges including the raising of the sea level triggered by climate change, and the fact that the majority of Indonesians live on, and off, land-based activities, the potential of the sea is very promising in Indonesia.

Watch the full video on Farming First TV.