A Spotlight on Farmer Voices in the Post-2015 Process

This week, Farming First has launched a new online resource that vocalises calls-to-action from farmers around the world on what they hope the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals on 25th-26th September 2015 will do for them, and how they can embrace them with their own actions.

The collection of stories “The SDGs and Me” can be viewed in full at:

SDGS and Me Main

Farmers from Cambodia to Kenya were asked how they hope the government, NGOs and private sector will take action in their local areas.



“I hope government will consider giving agricultural loans to us farmers at low interest rates in order to end poverty.” Halima from Uganda







“I hope the government and private sector will invest in research and development of better inputs, for increased productivity that will eventually end hunger.” 

Michael from Kenya

Read their stories, view pictures of their farms and get to know about the projects that are helping them prosper. Find out how their stories and calls-to-action could go beyond the goals to end hunger and poverty, and also made strides on tackling climate change, empowering women and promoting sustainable consumption.

The International Fund for Agricultural Development has also launched a collection of of rural people from around the world, to amplify rural people’s voices and stories in the lead up to the UN Sustainable Development Summit.

On 25 September, you can donate your social media feed and help IFAD share these stories.

We want world leaders gathered at the UN Sustainable Development Summit and the General Assembly to know that achieving the SDGs means investing in rural people and building a better world for us all.

Follow the conversations on both campaigns using the hashtags #SDGsandMe and #ItsAboutPeople.