Farming First Newsletter September 2014 Issue
Farming First is officially five years old! Born from the desire to unite the voices of scientists, farmers and businesses at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development in 2009 – our global agriculture coalition now has over 150 supporter organisations from all over the world! Farming First has now become one of the most active advocates for sustainable agricultural development – read on to find out what we have been doing in recent weeks.
Farming First launches new website
To celebrate the milestone of turning five years old, we are delighted to unveil a brand new website! It is now easier than ever to navigate our award winning series of infographics and Farming First TV interviews. We are also giving even more of the spotlight to you – with a brand new “Expert Views” section. Browse our brand new look and tweet us your thoughts to @farmingfirst!

Media partnership at the Aid & International Development Forum, Indonesia
Farming First will be acting as media partner to the Aid & International Development Forum Food & Nutrition Security Summits, which will be held Jakarta, Indonesia. The summits, run in parallel, will be attended by health, agriculture, rural development, science & technology and environmental ministries, senior Government representatives, leading NGOs, UN agencies and private sector experts, who are looking to build private public partnerships and cross industry collaborations.

Visit for more information and to register

A voice from the youth
As well as welcoming YPARD to our supporter base, Farming First will be putting the spotlight on a young voice from the YPARD network each month our the blog. Check out the first posts below!

Reshaping the Water-Food-Energy Conundrum to Address Urban Agriculture
Coleen L. Boodleman

Youth Put Agritech Toolbox To The Test
Kristina Kuznetsova, Anish Sapkota, Natalia Lozano and John Oluwafemi.

Why Indonesia's Farmers Are Getting Younger
Nadya Karimasari

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture
Farming First will be partnering with the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, taking place in Abu Dhabi between 9-10 March, 2015.

Do you own an innovation that will shape the future of food production? Does your technology increase yields using less resource? Can your idea help unlock food for nine billion people? If the answer is yes, GFIA invite you to present your innovation.

Application deadline: 30th September 2014 Apply today at
New Supporters
Farming First is delighted to welcome Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) and Juhudi Kilimo to its supporter base.

YPARD is an international movement helping young professionals to realise their full potential and contribute proactively towards innovative agricultural development.

Juhudi Kilimo-logo
Juhudi Kilimo work to elevate the quality of life for rural smallholder farmers and enterprises by providing financial solutions.
Farming First TV
Each week we have been bringing you a brand new episode of Farming First TV, with exclusive interviews with a range of high-level professionals in agricultural development. Check out the latest episodes here:

The Business of Building Resilience
The Business of Building Resilience
With Lystra Antoine, Dupont Pioneer

Which Technologies Will Save Our Food Supply?
Which Technologies Will Save Our Food Supply?
With Mark Rosegrant, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Behind the Concept of Resilience
Behind the Concept of Resilience
With Rajul Pandya-Lorch, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Farming First in the News
In June, Farming First supporter Agriculture for Impact launched the latest Montpellier Panel report “Small and Growing – Entrepreneurship in African Agriculture”. Deputy Director Emily Alpert blogged on The Guardian Development Professionals site on how to build a generation of entrepreneurs in Africa:
The Guardian How to inspire a generation of farming entrepreneurs

Two Farming First supporters, Sir Gordon Conway of Agriculture for Impact and Ray Jordon of Self Help Africa were quoted in a recent Financial Times article, about the growing trends of large agribusinesses investing in smallholder farmers:
Financial Times Nespresso smells opportunity in helping small coffee growers

This month at the African Green Revolution forum, Farming First supporters the International Fertilizer Industry Association, together with partners, launched a new campaign for increased access to fertilizers for smallholders in Africa. Morgane Danielou blogs about it for Business Fights Poverty:
Business Fights Poverty Improving Smallholder Farmers’ Access to Fertilizers in Africa
Upcoming events
CGIAR Development Dialogues
New York, 25th September 2014

AIDF Food Security & Nutrition Summit
Jakarta, 8th October 2014

Committee on World Food Security
Rome, 13th – 18th October 2014