Farming First Newsletter September 2011 Issue
In the past few months, Farming First has been busy representing the coalition as a thought leader on global food and agriculture challenges and their solutions. Through participating in key events, the coalition is helping to promote the agricultural sector to top influencers, who are featured in our online channel Farming First TV. Farming First has also expanded its work around the green economy
Green Economy video
Farming First has produced a short animated video which tells the story of agriculture and the green economy. It's an informative and engaging video that highlights clearly the importance of sustainable agricultural intensification as a core aspect of agriculture's role within the green economy.

We will be officially launching this video prior to the 6th annual G20 Summit on 3rd/4th November 2011 in Cannes; so please look out for more information on this media launch shortly. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this exclusive viewing.

FAO/OECD Expert Meeting on Greening the Economy with Agriculture
A series of Farming First supporter groups were in Paris earlier this month for the FAO/OECD Expert Meeting on Greening the Economy with Agriculture. In conjunction with this, BIAC hosted a side-event in the form of a luncheon panel discussion on the role of innovation in greening the economy with agriculture. The panel discussion, moderated by Caroline Henshaw, journalist for Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal, focused on the role of science and technology in helping farmers in both developed and developing countries to increase production sustainably while adapting to climate change and other challenges.

On the panel were Gordon Conway (Professor of International Development, Imperial College London who leads Agriculture for Impact), Alice Kachere (Malawian farmer) and Mike Bushell (Principal Scientific Advisor, Syngenta).

Full Wall Street Journal coverage from the panel discussion, including a video can be seen here.

International Conference on Asian Food Security (ICAFS)
The Farming First coalition joined leading policymakers from around Asia in Singapore to discuss the region's food security imperatives for the future. As part of the International Conference on Asian Food Security (ICAFS), these leaders met at a Farming First sponsored dinner event to discuss the six principles of the Farming First action plan and how these should be put into action in Asia. Read more about Farming First's six principles here.

The three-day conference, opened by Shenggen Fan of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), addressed the four basic dimensions of food security: availability, physical access, economic access and utilisation. Topics discussed in sessions included sustainable growth in agricultural production, resilient food supply chains, the impacts of trade policies, and humanitarian food aid strategies.

Read more about the conference here.

Coverage included Farmers Guardian and New Agriculturalist.

Media Partnership with Chatham House to Promote Food Security Event
For the second year running, Farming First is an official media partner for the Chatham House food security event "Food Security 2011: Transforming the Production System".

This prestigious event will be held at Chatham House in London in December, and includes renowned speakers such as:

• Gordon Conway, Chair in International Development, Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London who leads Agriculture for Impact (watch our Farming First interview with him here).
• David Nabarro, UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Food Security and Nutrition (watch our Farming First interview with him here).
• Shenggen Fan, Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

Questions to be discussed include "How do agricultural practices, value chains and trade need to be transformed?", "What transformative business models and partnerships between the public and private sectors work?" and "How can political and economic barriers to much needed changes be overcome?".

Find out more information or register your place for the event here.
Updated policy papers
We have updated our green economy policy paper "Agriculture for a Green Economy: improved rural livelihood, reduced footprint, secure food supply". This paper presents our views and recommendations on this issue. You can now download it as a four-page PDF document here.
New guide to green economy initiatives
To complement our infographic on the green economy we have developed a guide titled "Green Economy Initiatives on Agriculture". With sections on committees & task forces, campaigns & initiatives and papers & reports, this guide provides details on all of the current global initiatives that focus on the role of agriculture in a green economy. This is available to download as a PDF document here.
Farming First TV
Since the launch of Farming First TV in June, the channel has had almost 7,000 views. Featuring videos with over eighty leading voices in agriculture, climate change and development, our video library is continually updated and covers some major international events. We will soon be uploading ten new videos of experts talking to us at the ICAFS conference.

These include:
• "The Interdependence between Urban and Rural Food Security" with Paul Teng, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Non-Traditional Studies, Nanyang University.

• "The importance of private sector stewardship" with Siang Hee Tan, Executive Director of CropLife International.

• "Biofortification and Emerging Creative Approaches to Improve Nutrition" with Gerard Barry, Program Leader at IRRI.

• "The role of agribusiness in food security" with Kavita Prakash-Mani, Head of Food Security at Syngenta.

• "Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Productio"' with Rudy Rabbinge, Professor of Sustainable Development and Food Security, Wageningen University.

To watch the rest of the videos, please visit Farming First TV on YouTube and add us as a friend.
World Farmers Organisation
The World Farmers Organisation (WFO), a Farming First supporter, had its first General Assembly Meeting on 12 and 13 September in South Africa, attended by over 50 national farmers' and agricultural cooperatives organisations. You can view the declaration of the meeting here.

The WFO aims to bring together national agricultural producer organisations and agricultural producer cooperative organisations to create policies and advocate on world farmers' behalf, in order to improve the economic situation and livelihood of producers, their families and rural communities. Newly elected President, Mr Robert Carlson (USA) and other members of the Board will represent the WFO in upcoming events concerning world security, climate change and sustainability.
Farming First in the news
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Twitter News
We have now reached more than 6600 followers on Twitter, reinforcing our position as one of the leading voices on sustainable agriculture online - thank you for all your support and re-tweets!

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