Video: “Which Technologies Will Save Our Food Supply?” – Mark Rosegrant, IFPRI

Farming First TV interviewed Mark Rosegrant, Director of Environment and Production Technology at the International Food Policy Research Institute, to find out which agricultural technologies have the most promise for safeguarding the environment and boosting food security between now and 2050.

In reference to the report launched this year, “Food Security in a World of Growing Natural Resource Scarcity“, Rosegrant explained that climate change will hit agriculture hard, with as much as 20 to 30% of yields being lost.

“Resource saving technologies came out very strong, with no till agriculture coming up with significant impacts on yields of wheat and maize”, Rosegrant commented.

He also drew attention to the varying impact each technology had, depending on the region in which it is deployed. “We have to look regionally to identify the most appropriate technologies for different locations… we need to target our investments and policy interventions to the technologies that work best in each place.”

Find out which technologies work best in your region by using the AgriTech Toolbox, which was developing in conjunction with this report. Watch the full interview with Mark Rosegrant on Farming First TV.