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UNEA4: Side Event Explores Role of Innovation in Achieving Sustainable Food Supply Chains

On Tuesday, March 12th, Farming First hosted a side event at the Fourth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA4) in Nairobi, Kenya. The side event focused on the role that agricultural innovation can play in delivering more sustainable food systems. Moderated by Farming First’s co-Chair Robert Hunter, the panel opened with a live poll of the audience in attendance on what they considered most press challenge facing the food system today, with “the impacts of climate change” receiving almost half the total votes. …

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What We’ve Been Overlooking in the Great Debate on Livestock

In this guest post, FAO Livestock Development Officer Anne Mottet outlines new research that reveals humans and livestock do not compete for earth’s resources as much as previously thought. Natural resources are finite as we cannot expand the Earth boundaries. But we are every day more people on the planet and food security is still a number one issue. The livestock sector is often cited as being particularly burdensome on the environment. In addition to the methane gas livestock emits, ...

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