Julian Wolfson: The iDEal Way to Expand Drip Irrigation

In this guest post, the Chief Executive of iDE Europe details how technical assistance through a social enterprise is ensuring that drip irrigation is successful. Without the right knowledge or necessary tools, poor farmers in Nicaragua have been unable to undertake a second growing season during the dry season. However, with micro-irrigation equipment and techniques, these farmers have the potential of doubling their annual production and incomes. Until 2010, their needs were ignored by the commercial sector, who failed to see these farmers as a large enough market for their products. This is the market gap that can be filled by a social enterprise, which exists not simply to make a profit, but to ensure that community and societal objectives can be met. In Nicaragua, that gap is being met by iDEal Tecnologías. …

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Huseyin Arslan: The Importance of Global Standards to Facilitate the Food Trade

In this guest post, Huseyin Arslan, President of the Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) outlines the trade challenges facing the pulse industry, and how they can be addressed. Trade, and policies that enable trade, are critical for many reasons. They help to reduce poverty, advance sustainable economic growth, support jobs, raise living standards, enhance food security, and help people everywhere get accessible safe, affordable, nutritious food. Market access issues are some of the most important obstacles to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 2 to end hunger. Many of the world’s farmers, including the smallest, depend on the ability to trade their produce and purchase food; in fact they are the largest single net buyers of food. …

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“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” – Borlaug Dialogue Day 2

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, often referred to as the “Father of Medicine” is credited with the statement “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”, which is the theme of the 2016 Borlaug Dialogue. It is a fitting introduction to the work of the four World Food Prize laureates, whose combined work has shown the potential nutrition benefits that can be achieved from the biofortification of crops, in their case specifically the sweet potato. An important staple crop across much of Africa, ...

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