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Sustainable Pesticide Management Programme Reports Progress Globally

CropLife International CropLife International

CropLife International has published the 2023 Annual Report for its Sustainable Pesticide Management Framework (SPMF) programme, highlighting the substantial progress made in advancing sustainable pesticide management practices globally with a specific focus on Kenya, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam.

The flagship SPMF programme was launched in 2021, rooted in the industry’s foundational commitment to the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management to ensure existing crop protection tools are used responsibly and efficiently. It sets out an integrated approach to manage the transition towards sustainable pesticide use, emphasising better governance, systematic risk assessment and mitigation.

Through public-private partnerships, enhanced regulatory frameworks and innovative technologies, CropLife International aims to support farmers worldwide in addressing the escalating threats posed by climate change, paving the way for the adoption of new technologies to support the demand for more sustainable alternatives and practices such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 

Emily Rees, President and CEO of CropLife International, said: “With a warming planet, tackling pollution, protecting biodiversity and supporting food security are complex challenges that are all interlinked. They must be addressed in a horizontal, holistic and inclusive manner. The SPMF embodies such an approach.”  

She extended her gratitude to the numerous partners and governments that have supported the implementation of the SPMF, saying “We cannot do this alone. The SPMF is an ambitious long-term programme and partners are vital to support the transformation of our agricultural and food systems. We applaud their incredible achievements to date and reaffirm our commitment to moving forward.”

Key highlights from the SPMF programme report

  • Kenya: Integration of global best practices into the new pesticide law, enhancement of the national poison control centre and establishment of an industry-wide pesticide container management scheme with 310 collection sites.
  • Morocco: Passage of a new pesticide decree, completion of a pilot container management project in the Souss Massa region and training of 2,500 farmer leaders with outreach to an additional 100,000 farmers through mass media.
  • Vietnam: Signing of an MOU with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, initiating regulatory amendments for biological pesticides and conducting the first-ever workshop on the topic.
  • Thailand: Launch of risk assessment regulatory workshops, development of stewardship guidelines for drone pesticide application and integration of climate action into stewardship trainings for sustainable rice production.

Full Report and Video

To learn more about the milestones and initiatives of the SPMF in 2023, the full Annual Report and accompanying video are available on the CropLife International website.

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