Innovation and Agroecology: A Path to Sustainability

21 November 2018

Rome, Italy

Are innovation and agroecology capable of working hand in hand? Is the future dependent on integrated solutions to agriculture?

Co-hosted by the International Agri-Food Network and Nigeria, this event explores some of the best examples of innovations to advance the agroecological outcomes in areas the UN calls to include: recycling, resource use efficiency, optimizing inputs, diversification, integration, and soil health.

Speakers will address solutions that apply to farms of all sizes and regions. Then, contribute to a discussion of how to design sustainable farming systems that strengthen the interactions between plants, animals, humans, and the environment for food security and nutrition.

This event carries on from the successful prior event with a new set of global panelists:

  • H.E Yaya Adiso Olaitan Olaniran, Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the Rome-Based Agencies of the United Nations
  • Thavy Chumni Un Staal, BASF
  • Gabriel Carballal, Global Farmer Network
  • Margaret Munene, Palmhouse Dairies Ltd
  • Agusdin Pulungan, Indonesian Farmers Society Organisation (IFSO)
  • Shiv Kumar Agrawal, ICARDA
  • Jack Froese, Canadian Canola Growers Association
  • Paul Wagstaff, Self Help Africa

Hashtag: #FutureofFarming