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Video: In Conversation with a Female Food Hero

Bahati Muriga Jacob Bahati Muriga Jacob

“Mama Shujaa wa Chakula” is unlike any reality show you have seen before. Translated from Swahili as “Female Food Hero” the show run by Oxfam searches for a different kind of superstar – one that can feed her village.

With the aim of helping rural women overcome the disadvantages they face when running farms – from lack of access to finance, equipment and land – the show sees 19 competitors participate in farming challenges. During the process, they also get expert training on leadership and finance, and the chance to share their techniques with each other.

In the latest season, Bahati Muriga Jacob won the grand prize of 5 million Tanzanian shillings, plus 20 million shillings’ worth of farm equipment. We met her at the World Food Prize, and found out what she had to say about life as a female farmer in Tanzania.

Catch all the episodes of Mama Shujaa wa Chakula on YouTube. For more video interviews from Farming First, visit our YouTube channel.

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